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Welcome to the Gari-History section of Garinet.com

Garifuna Clock - Reloj Garifuna
Apr 18, 2005
Garifuna Clock - Reloj Garifuna

'92 Convention in L.A. - Tribute to Pablo Lambey
Aug 23, 2003
Ah yes, July in Los Angeles, hot, steamy, broiling, and that was before the rioting, looting and burning caused by an unpopular, racially motivated verdict.

Jan 16, 2003
When someone says,“I am a Garifuna,? that person is acknowledging the fact that she/he has Carib, Arawak and African blood pumping from their heart and through their veins.

Delegates of the Carib Internationals Society attending Conference at Barranco, B.H., Dec., 1931
Sep 14, 2002
Many thanks to Mr. Clifford J. Palacio for submitting this very important piece of our history.

Jul 05, 2002
This list of Garifuna words was compiled in St. Vincent (Yurumein) in 1666. Over the past three hundred years many of these words have undergone major changes and modifications, but Garifuna speakers of today still use many of them.

Garifuna Community
Nov 09, 1999
The Garifuna are people with their own history, culture, language, and traditions.

Garifuna Dance
Oct 08, 1999
From their African ancestors, they retain the Punta dance.

Garifuna Language
Oct 08, 1999
The Garifuna language is a derivation of several African, Indian and European languages and dialects.

Ancestral Heritage
Oct 08, 1999
The Garifuna people have assimilated and retained must of their culture from their ancestors.

Work and its Social Effects
Jun 09, 1999
For nearly 100 years, the Garifuna Men Dedicated Themselves to Agriculture, Woodwork (especially in the Felling of Honduran Hardwoods), and to working with bananas.



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