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Welcome to thegari-birthdaysection of garinet.com
Is your birthday coming up soon? if yes, email us the date, a little comment about yourself and a picture at gk@garinet.com or through our message center. We'll post it and notify the whole world that you are a baby, once again!

Aug 18, 2009
Happy birthday to Belinda! Feel free to
wish her a happy birthday by email at : Belindasweet@aol.com

Dixon Marin
Aug 18, 2009
This is one of the guys that you'd hardly
ever hear about in the public, but did you know that Dixon Marin drove
the movement to get the garinet project off the ground?

Jerry Castro
Aug 18, 2009
Mr. Castro and myself just met recently
in a somewhat unexpected way.  I'm extremely impressed by Mr. Castro's
ability to remain a true humble Garifuna brother!

Odesa Reyes
Aug 18, 2009
Mrs. Reyes has been like a mother and more than a mother to me!

Andress Cayetano
Aug 18, 2009
The garinet members would like to wish
Andres Cayetano a happy belated birthday!

Alex Arriaza
Aug 18, 2009
The only thing that I can say about myself is that I am from Puerto Barrios Izabal.

Jairo Rochez
Aug 18, 2009
Jairo and myself have never met in person.
The only thing that unites us is garinet.com and more importantly our
precious Garifuna culture!


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