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Man Accused Of Arranging Sex With Underage Overseas Girls
May 11, 2006
A Cocoa Beach man was arrested after investigators said he arranged for men from the United States to travel to Honduras and Costa Rica to

Once-vibrant village in El Salvador now quiet
May 08, 2006
was just past noon, yet the only sign of life in the main square of this remote eastern village was an elderly man swinging

Independence Man Deported To Honduras
May 08, 2006
On Sunday, he was deported to Honduras. ... Until that time, he said he will find a job and a home in Honduras and then his family will join him.

Nicaragua Network calls for an end to U.S. intervention in Nicaragua's elections
May 07, 2006
A British expatriate in Nicaragua writing under the pen name Toni Solo on April 29, 2006 accused US Nicaragua solidarity of imperialism and of supporting the

US envoy rejects Chávez meddling in Nicaragua
May 05, 2006
The US ambassador in Nicaragua, Paul Trivelli, accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez of interfering in the Nicaraguan electoral process by openly

Island holidays in Honduras
May 05, 2006
Mainland Honduras offers a lazy, mountainous and Mayan experience for the backpacker on a shoestring, but the tourism experience does not stop where the sea

Lots of lobster in Belize
May 04, 2006
Belize is favoured by holidaymakers because it is ideal for lazy, lethargic days by the sea, accessible because everyone speaks English and architecturally

Pockets closed for immigrant rally
May 04, 2006
Suazzo, who came to the US legally from Honduras six years ago, had wanted to attend, but was diverted by a personal matter.

Police Arrest Sex Offender Once Deported to El Salvador
May 02, 2006
As the immigrant rights movement mobilizes for a national strike today, few countries have more at stake in the US debate than El Salvador.

Honduran congressman killed at home
May 02, 2006
A Honduran congressman was shot to death by at least three unidentified assailants while resting in a hammock at his home



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