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AOL on your kitchen counter
Apr 06, 2000
"The time has come for you to make a choice!" either you choose to keep buying food outside or remain in you kitchen, surfing the web.

Intel releases wireless home networking products
Apr 05, 2000
This device seems to allow you to connect to the web wirelessly.

Handheld devices (palmpilot) cool sites
Apr 04, 2000
If you have a handheld device, such as a palm pilot, the Internet has it all for you for FREE.

Download Any Linux Distribution for FREE
Mar 23, 2000
Linux falls under the category of an operating system (like MS Windows, except better in some sense, personal opinion of course). Linux offers scalability and is extremely stable (my linux server have been on for close to a year without rebooting and still going).

Daily Linux News
Mar 23, 2000
Craving for Linux info. Crave no more.

Download Any Computer Driver
Mar 23, 2000
Get any computer driver you want.

FREE phone calls over Internet, anywhere in the US
Nov 20, 1999
You can make free phone calls from your web browsers to any telephone in the US.

Get no busy signals on one phone line anymore
Nov 20, 1999
If you only have one telephone line and get on the internet with it, you can now have your callers leaving a message instead of getting a busy signal.

Phone device to make FREE phone calls over the Internet
Nov 20, 1999
Phone device to make FREE phone calls over the Internet without needing a computer. Recommended if you have relatives overseas and they have access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

HP CD-Writer Plus M820e Configuation Problem
Nov 18, 1999
When installing the HP cd-writer plus m820e the adaptec software that is included with the drive, hangs the system... Find out the solution here.



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