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Opinion » The Queen of Darasa (a Garifuna food)
Apr 28, 2004

One Thursday afternoon, not long after my wife had entered the office, a great customer of Garinet from Florida, called in an order. Apparently he had decided to surprise his girlfriend with a traditional Garifuna dish, so he ordered the recipe of Darasa. His intentions were fantastic, but what really surprised me was the action my wife took afterwards.

Somehow she managed to see the picture of the recipe, so she asked me to print out the entire recipe so she could try it out. Although I did not tell her this, I really thought that she would not be able to do it right. So I smiled, made a joke and kindly printed the recipe along with the picture.

She was so excited about trying this recipe that she literally flew out to the store to get the ingredients. When I arrived home that day, I greeted her and went upstairs to unpack some items. A few minutes later she came upstairs after me, grabbed my hands, closed my eyes and took me downstairs for what was to be the great surprise.

When we arrived to the kitchen, she allowed me to open my eyes and to my big surprise there it was! Although I was extremely happy that she had made the effort on this dish, I was a bit skeptical about tasting it. Usually when my wife cooks something for the first time, she uses me as the victim to taste it first :( and sometimes, I really pay the price for being brave. This time I really played it like a coward, but she insisted.

After a while I got convinced that the worse that could happen was for me to spend the night at the hospital, which maybe was not all that bad. So, I slowly unwrapped one of the Darasa and carefully tasted it a little at the time. Without exaggerating, I did not want to let it go after the first bite. What happened next was beyond my imagination. I found the darasa so good and adaptable to any meal, that I ended up eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days. Because one of the darasa’s main ingredient is banana, you can truly eat it alongside with other types of food. Now my lovely wife makes the darasa at least once a week and every time it tastes better and better, therefore today I’m crowning my wife “The Queen of Darasa?

If you would like to try out this delicious traditional dish, the recipe is available here.

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