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Gari-Woman » Xiomara Cacho Caballero
Nov 09, 2003

By Xiomara Cacho Caballero

I am the first Garifuna poet woman of Honduras, moreover I am the first black woman to publish a book in the country, I am a poet and short story writer "the first one in the country". Thats why I will like the world to know about that in order to improve the concept and the view of the Garinagu in the society, so the new Garifuna generation can do better than me in the area of literature, and the Garinagu can be proud. I also have several writings in some honduran news papers, I used to write since I was 15 years old. but nowadays I am dedicating my time only to publishing all my writings. I will have the presentation of my second book in December this book will be about how to make rattles the book title is "wafien tuma lisisiran , Wafien and his rattles, Wafien y sus maracas" all my writings are in three languages, English , Spanish and Garifuna .
Wafien is the second name of my son Imani.


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