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Community Meetings » ONECA Conference to go on: Celeo to meet Garinagu in November-Lamiselu II
Oct 27, 2003

Article Via Baltimore, Md.

10/26/2003_The saga regarding the divorce of the Garifuna Coalition and ONECA have reached a climax within local organizations who have been influenced by the work ONECA has done throughout the years. Yet the idea of no longer becoming affliate is making the organizations to become part of the event that will take place in the first week of December.

According to sources the event will take place.

"We made a decision and have been wanting to have this event in New York", says the source who did wanted to be identified. "Our movement does not reflect on the views of one individual, or two or three", continued the source. "We have a goal and responsibility to carry out this event."

This comes after the Garifuna Coalition have asked to resign as an affiliate of the Central American Black Organization (CABO-ONECA), whose president is the long time Garifuna and Afro Central American advocate, Lic. Celeo Casildo Alvarez. In a letter directed to Mr. Alvarez, Garifuna Coalition's President, Rejil Solis asked for Garifuna Coalition USA not to be a part of the ONECA's affiliation, according to the letter to which a copy is posted on Honduras New York.

Furthermore, the President of the Respuesta Afro-Panamena, Ms. Esmeralda Brown, has shown disappointment towards the decision (this can be read on Garinet.com).

"The event will still go on", continued the source. "There are close to 60 people who have registered and not counting the organizations from the United States."

The Central American Black Organization (ONECA) has a tradition of having an annual general assembly in the location where its organizations have constituents. Last year it was held in Costa Rica, where the bid to look for this years location began. Uninanimously, the Garifuna Coalition won the bid and scheduled the conference to take place from December 4th until the 7th.

The preparation included committees who will be responsible for registrations, entertainment, programs, etc. The event is to be held at Hunter College on East 67th street in New York City.

Finally, Mr. Alvarez is sheduled to meet with the community on Saturday Nov. 1st at Los Azules Restaurant in the Bronx on 152nd street. Mr. Alvarez' presence in New York will bring answers to the "irregularities" that have taken different roads between these two influential institutions.

"We are inviting everyone to come to that meeting as plans for the conference will forego."

Lidani News Wire.




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