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Gari-Newsletter » Lidani.Garinet Newsletter April 2004 Edition
Apr 07, 2004

Newsletter April 2004

Volume 1, Issue 1



Individual Highlights:
Garifuna Street
Comeback Kid
Garinagu / AIDS
Garifuna NBA


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Los Angeles Celebrate Fourth Annual Street Festival

By Garinagu Empowerment Movement


The Garifuna Day Street Festival was created to celebrate the last time Garinagu were together as a one after they were exiled from Yurumein ( St. Vincent ).  That date was April 12, 1797 .

Since that date the Garinagu have migrated to countries such as Belize , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua , United States of America and many more.

G.E.M. campaigned all during 2001 to petition the Los Angeles City Council to approve April 12, as Garifuna Day and bring Recognition of the Garifuna Culture And the Garifuna Diaspora .  On April 12, 2003 , at the Street Festival, the Los Angeles City Council officially proclaimed April 12 as Garifuna Day in Los Angeles , California .  The petition was nominated, voted on and approved. See page

Garifuna community in Los Angeles waiving Garifuna flag as April 12 is declared in Los Angeles . Photo by Gem.

NURU: The Comeback Kid of Punta Rock

Lachamuru Jerry Castro. Photo by GEM

“Oh yeah?, he says when asked the critical question. “I believe that I am on that path.?

His name is Day-Ann, but people refer to him as NURU. He is young and talented, and many are starting to pay attention to him as his maturity is paying off.

We caught up with NURU in Los Angeles on a telephone interview that a spanned through three years. While he was in New York and in his earlier career, NURU was the recognized name with bands like Garifuna Legacy and GNG.

“Participating in the street festival is something that I look up to in a year? says the platinum artist who sold thousands of his solo album in 2000.

“This year, I have a different flavor for both the crowd and for my own musical expectations.

NURU will participate with his own band this year. Unlike in the past, he has shared the stage with the likes of Punta Cartel, to whom he just have recently divorced.

NURU will also share the stage with another Punta Rocker, Supa G who is known from Punta Rebels.


This is going to be fun, man?, he continued. “I simply can't wait.

Lidani Garifuna Times will publish a lengthy article about Punta Rock, its history and artist that will also feature the likes of Aziatic, James Lovell and NURU.

“HIV / AIDS is a big problem within our community? says Honduras Against Aids president, Mirtha Colon. ?


“HIV / AIDS is a big problem within our community? says Honduras Against Aids president, Mirtha Colon, who is a graduate of Fordham University . “And we must do something to educate our community.?

On May 16, members of Hondurans Against AIDS and the Garifuna community in New York will walk among the thousands in the streets of New York to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic. Which according to an article published by the Christian Aid Organization “60 % of people living with HIV/AIDS in Central America are from Honduras . Of these, the majorities are from garifuna communities on the Atlantic Coast .?


According to AIDS WALK New York website, the event drew more than “ 45,000 people, a group as diverse as the city itself, participated in the AIDS Walk, collecting $5.1 million.?

Honduras Against Aids is seeking to register 25 people or more to join them and walk the streets of Manhattan in May. The organization is also counting on the support of the Foundation of Garifuna Artist who will participate and send the message to its constituents.

“We will support and participate in this event,? said J. King about the event on Sunday afternoon.


To register and participate, anyone can log on to the affiliate page provided by AIDS Walk New York and register.


For further details, people can contact the Honduras Against Aids team leader for the walk, Ms. Yvetter Bonilla via phone at: 718- 991-2233 or via email at nuyorifuna001@msn.com .


Lachamuru Jerry Castro
Liyawa Lidani Garinet.com

Lidani.Garinet Game of the Month

Tuesday April 6 th  

Garifuna NBA standout, Milt Palacio and the Toronto Raptors will play on National TV against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.


TV Network: TNT
Date: 4/6/2004
Time: 7:30 pm

Photo on Left: Milt Palacio (Red #10) passing the ball in an away game in Indiana against the Pacers. Photo by NBA / AP

Garifuna Street festival , continued.

The community in Los Angeles is blessing to have some of the best Garifuna Bands in the Garifuna World.  These artists donate their time, equipment and talent to this event with no compensation.

Starting at 10 am you do not want to arrive late for this extravagant line up, you may miss your favorite artist.  The street festival is not only packed with talent it is also the most diverse line up of Garifuna artists that had ever been put together to perform in one day. From Thug Angelz and PC Crew (hip-hop, R&B artists), Latin Froz (Spanish speaking rappers), to punta rockers Supa G, Punta Cartel, Ras-Z, Punta Dan & Nuru; closing the show as always in a traditional manner is the talented Libaya Baba band.

You will see performances from dance groups such as Wadanni, Wagiameme and the always popular Wanaragua Dancers.  From the beginning to the end, the Street Festival commemorating April 12 will showcase the Garifuna Diaspora in a proud and dignify maner.

As in 2003, the 2004 Street Festival will be co hosted by Edith Martinez , Executive Board Secretary of G.E.M . and Marcello Arzu Thedford , a rising young talent quickly turning heads in Hollywood with

diverse roles in feature films and television.  Marcello is a Garifuna with family ancestry in Honduras .

Three city blocks are closed as the entire community of Los Angeles and its surrounding neighboring cities are invited, free of charge to hear traditional music such as punta, to contemporary punta rock performed along with cultural dances such as Wanaragua and of course punta.  Local vendors purchase booths to sell their products such as garifuna and african artifacts.  The aroma of traditional Garifuna foods fill the air and these delicious entree's can be purchased from some of the best Garifuna cooks in the area.  This presentation makes the festival a truly fun time mixed with entertainment, dining and educating the community of Los Angeles .

We are entertaining offers for sponsorship of this event.  In cooperation with the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles, and the 9th Counsel District Representative, Jan Perry, this event is quickly becoming the premiere cultural and artistic presentations in Los Angeles , California .

GEM. Executive Director, Thomas Zuniga on stage with Garifuna Street Festival participants. Photo by GEM.

“This event was one of the biggest of my life and a ground of history for our people?, Thomas Zuniga, 2003 Street Festival

OP/ED: Editorial

On Monday April 12, 2004 , the Garifuna community around the world will celebrate 207 years of cultural heritage and survival. And with the events leading up to the celebration, Garifuna history and education must and should be taught to our youth as we lead into the 21 st century.

In my previous conversations with leaders of organizations, business and artists, there is a thrust to include young

Garifunas into the civic process. But without the proper understanding of what our ancestors went through, the youth will be blinded of what have been the most celebrated, yet “un-noticed? group of people in the 20 th Century.

So what are the steps that should be taken in getting young people involved? To begin, leaders and the community should focus on identification of the culture as well as its people. By identifying who we are, we'll lead as an example for our future leaders to defend our values and heritage.

Take for instance the rest of society. Puerto Ricans will not be the way they are if they had not identified themselves as a community and culture. Another example is the Haitian community, whom for years has been noticed in civic participation in the United States in their own country.

Identifying ourselves as pure Garinagu will lead to many benefits and opening doors. But most importantly, we will conserve our heritage for the next 207 years.

-Jerry Castro



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