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Gari-Poetry » Poem: A Garifuna Dream
Dec 06, 2007 by bigwillno2

Written by Wilbor Guerrero

I have a dream,  that one day, all Garifuna people, even if they were born or grew up outside of Garifunas homeland and boundaries, will dance Punta like it's suppose to be danced and sing the songs of their native tongue.

I have a dream, that one day, Kazabe will continue being the finished good from the good harvest of Yuca from the valleys of the Garifuna villages and not just a band’s name.

I have a dream today, that muladunu should not be the one dancing Yancunu and making Tableta de coco, Garinagu are build for this, our ancestor will not be happy; the dream that keeps Machuca, the official typical food of the Garifuna people. That dream that Garifuna will be Garifuna forever and that our ancestors did not procreate this beautiful culture for us, just to be lost in the Americanized society.

A man without a dream, has no life and a Garifuna without the purity, is no Garifuna.





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