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My Garifuna -> Gari-Words

Buiti achüluruni - Welcome - Bienvenido

Teach Yourself How To Speak Garifuna In One Click

In this section you will get aquantedwith the Garifuna language. Our goal is to teachyou the Garifuna language in the two stardards methodsof learning, namely, in a visual and auditive form.By the time you leave this page you will have learnedhow to read, write and speak some (Well, enoughto greet a Garifuna individual in his own language)Garifuna.

  • Some of the pronounciation may vary from place to place. I have tried my best to make the spellings and pronounciation as acceptable as possible.
  • We're now taking your request. Always keep in mind that this a community work, and we would like you to feel part as part of this project. Please submit your words or phrases (In Spanish or English) by fill in the form in the message center section, and we'll do our best to translate it in Garifuna and post it hear.
Having said that, let's get started!!!
Garifuna English Español Pronounce Provided by
Waruguma Star Estrella   Camille Martinez
Ugundani Happiness Felicidad   Camille Martinez
Igemeri Light Luz   Camille Martinez
Nisani My child Mi hijo/hija   Camille Martinez
Our child Wasani Nuestro hijo/hija   Camille Martinez
efeduhani celebrate celebrar   Dr. Jorge Bernardez
echuni tradition tradicion   Dr. Jorge Bernardez
usa values valores   Dr. Jorge Bernardez,
translated in spanish by
Xiomara Moreira
inebesei respect respeto   Dr. Jorge Bernardez
pantaü pride orgullo   Dr. Jorge Bernardez
Lalihouniwa Ubou Reading the World leyendo el mundo   Dr. Jorge Bernardez
Walamiseru Our Pain nuestro dolor   Dorina Castillo
Wayunagu Our ancestors nuestros ancestros   Dorina Castillo
ahari spirit spiritu   Dorina Castillo
buyei spiritual healers *tradusca*   Dorina Castillo
seremein thank you gracias   Dorina Castillo
fadiri priest padre de iglesia   Dorina Castillo
ugundani joy felicidad   Dorina Castillo
Bungiu God Dios   Dorina Castillo
Buiti fedu Merry christmas Feliz navidad Jorge Garifuna
Buiti achüluruni Welcome Bienvenido Jorge Garifuna
Buiti binafi Good morning Buenos dias Jorge Garifuna
Buiti rabanweyu Good afternoon Buenas tardes Jorge Garifuna
Buiti guñoun Good night Buenas noches Jorge Garifuna
Producer: Jorge Garifuna
Voice: Jorge Garifuna
Programming: Jorge Garifuna