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Con Su Punta Kaliente

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Here's What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying About Garinet Services and Products

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I have enjoyed the site very much, the music and the videos that I have
bought have been very helpful in
developing and enhancing my research on Carribean music. You have been very

Angel Fuentes

As a linguist, I initially found it quite difficult to locate resources
on Garifuna language and culture on the web. When I discovered, I was delighted to find a community-driven site devoted to
all things Garifuna. Your company seems to offer the most
comprehensive inventory of Garifuna books, music, and video available
on the internet; many of the items you sell cannot be found anywhere
else, and your prices are entirely affordable. The website also offers
many free resources for anyone interested in Garifuna...I especially
appreciate the sound files of Garifuna speech. I have enthusiastically
recommended the site to my colleagues studying the language.

When I placed an order for a Garifuna dictionary, I received prompt,
efficient, and friendly service. I was really impressed by the
personal correspondence I received about the status of my order, and
by how quickly my questions were answered. (Incidentally, I used PayPal
for the first time through your site, and found it very convenient and
secure.) It is not an exaggeration to say that my customer
experience with is among the best I've had on the web!

I wish you the best of luck with the website; I think you provide a
truly unique, valuable resource.

--Carey Little, San Jose, CA

I enyoyed the product
that I bought thru I received the product on time as it was
promised, that is what I like. If continue offering product that
call my attention I will buy from them again.
Thank You,

Enrique Velasquez

I purchased 3 CD's from Garinet, Malia Polia by Jimmy Suazo, Agrupacion by
Solis, and the CD dedicated to my late uncle, Isabel Flores sung by Pen
Cayetano and Mohobub Flores. I am still enjoying those CD's and hope to
purchase more from Garinet. I like that fact that I did not have to wait 2-3
weeks for the products, I received them within 4 days of purchase. Thank you
very much.

aba isieni!!!!!!

Fidelis Castillo

I am satisfied with your products and services. Honestly, I was
surprised to see it delivered in the timeframe mentioned on the site. Keep
up the good work.


I was very pleased with the sevice I received from Garinet when I purchased
my Pen Cayetano & Mohobub Flores CD. The Paypal system was easy to use, and
I received the CD much quicker than I thought I would! I am definately
planning on ordering other items from your website.

Mary-Anne Gaffney

P.S. I've been watching the site for about two years now and am happy to see
how things have been developing for you! Best of luck in the future!

I ordered nine of your books online from the comfort of my apartment around midnight, and I could swear that as I was turning off my computer, there was a knock at the door announcing that the books had arrived!
Well, it wasn’t quite that fast but it sure seemed like it. It’s refreshing to be able to trust in an internet company and yours is at the
top of my list. The books arrived quickly and it perfect condition, the invoice was nicely itemized, I received a check for the 5% discount and I am completely satisfied. I would encourage anyone looking for Garífuna resources to make their only consideration.

Superb customer service.

Thank you,

Michelle Forbes

Well, first I like to inform you that I only purchased an item once from
Garinet and the service was efficient. I received my merchandise as quick as
they promised and it was sealed carefully. Yes, if I need to make another
order, I will with no hesitation. Garinet has good quality services for

Norma Hill

I received prompt and effecient service on my order. I will order
from with confidence in the future.

T M Scruggs Jr:

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