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Honduras new route for Cubans bound for the U.S
Jun 17, 2006
Honduras is becoming a key staging point for human trafficking rings bringing undocumented Cuban immigrants to the United

High Voltage Boost to Integration
Jun 14, 2006
The aim is to create an electrical grid uniting Mexico with Central America and even Colombia in South America.

El Salvador praises free trade agreement with U.S.
Jun 10, 2006
El Salvador's Economy Minister Yolanda de Gavidia said on Friday that the nation was pleased with the country's free trade agreement with the United States

Leader of Honduras Gang Escapes From Jail
Jun 07, 2006
A leader of a violent kidnapping gang that abducted and killed the son of a former Honduran president was among four inmates who

El-Salvador Heads to Polls
Jun 03, 2006
Electors went to the polls to determine 84 members of congress and local administrators in the elections held today in El Salvador.

Murderous gangs turn urban El Salvador into battlefield
Jun 01, 2006
Nelly is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, the biggest of several gangs that are turning the poor urban areas of El Salvador into a battlefield barely 14 years

Honduras on Alert over Measles
Jun 01, 2006
An outbreak of measles in Germany and Europe made Honduras issue an alert at all domestic airports.

Bus Fair Strifes Ignite Nicaragua
May 27, 2006
Clashes between the Nicaraguan Police and students over raising public buss tariffs was the main event of the week.

El Salvador Man Convicted Of Assault After Choking Police Officer
May 25, 2006
Carlos Cisneros, 55, an El Salvador resident, was convicted during a trial before 268th District Judge Brady Elliott. Sentencing has been set for June 26.

Central America agrees to jaguar corridor
May 23, 2006
A group of environment ministers representing the seven nations of Central America and Mexico have agreed to establish a network of protected areas and



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