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Garifuna 101


Nov 01, 2004
A Poem Dedicated to the Passing of a Garifuna Woman

Shall I Be A Garifuna Today or Shall I Not?
Oct 31, 2004
There is an inaccuracy in the population count of the Garifuna in our communities. We are underestimated and undercounted in the villages, towns, and the different countries that we live in. In Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, St. Vincent and in the United States, we are counted as only a small minority usually as 10% or less in each of these countries.

Oct 28, 2004
1. Cassava (ereba) contains vitamin B-17 which helps to protect against diseases like malaria and sickle cell anemia and also it is a natural steroid

2. Did you know that Chief Joseph Chatuye was named the First National Hero in the Island of St. Vincent on March 14, 2002 which is the highest honor of achievement attainable of that state.

The Garifuna Mis-education of the Web
Oct 28, 2004
As I search the different websites for information on
the Garifuna people, I have found a number of
misleading articles. It is a misconception that they
claim that the country of Belize is the mecca of the
Garifuna culture. However, Honduras, the nation with
the largest population of Garinagu in the world, is
the center of Garifuna culture.



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